25 April 2018 / Team News

Cefn Coed v Pentyrch RFC

On a clear hot sunny afternoon Pentyrch kicked off and the ball was fielded safely and cleared by Cefn. Pentyrch moved the ball wide and were awarded a penalty for a swinging arm. The kick did not reach touch and Cefn ran the ball back for them to gain a penalty. Cefn choose to run it looking dangerous but after gaining some 30 metres knocked the ball on. Pentyrch won a penalty from the resulting scrum and cleared the ball into touch on their 22. Pentyrch won the lineout but knocked the ball on. The referee then called play back and awarded Pentyrch a penalty and Barry Topping Morris put in a good touch finder. Pentyrch won the lineout and ran the ball in direct fashion but unfortunately knocked the ball on in contact. Play then went back and fore with both sides being awarded penalties without achieving much advantage. Pentyrch then won another penalty and Kieron Williams put a good low kick through the Cefn defence resulting in them knocking the ball on. Cefn won the scrum against the head but kicked the ball out on the full. Pentyrch won the following line out but were pulled back for a forward pass. Up to this point in the game both sides were attempting to move the ball, Cefn mainly through the forwards and Pentyrch through their backs. Unenforced errors and penalties disrupted both sides’ play. After another Cefn Scrum the ball was kicked through by the full back up to the Pentyrch 22. Pentyrch won the resulting lineout but were again called back for a forward pass. Cefn won the scrum which followed and were awarded a penalty which was taken quickly. Pentyrch were caught offside and Cefn again ran the penalty to score a try by Rhys Davies. The conversion was successful making the score 7-0 to the home side. Pentyrch restarted the gamer and were awarded a scrum following a knock on by Cefn which was cleanly won and the ball run down the right hand side with Joe Paddison finally bundled into touch. The resulting lineout was won by Pentyrch and Thomas Marley kicked the ball through to find touch within 8/9 yards of the Cefn line. Pentyrch were now pressing forward and after regaining possession after a series of knock ons and forward passes were awarded a scrum on the Cefn 5 metre line. The scrum was won and after some good handling Nathan Williams scored a good try not far from the corner flag. The conversion was unsuccessful. The score was then 7-5 to the home side.  Cefn restarted the game and following some scrappy play by both sides Pentyrch regained possession and Thomas Marley put in another good kick through to the Cefn 22. Cefn ran the ball after winning the lineout but conceded a penalty. Barry Topping Morris found touch on the Cefn 22, the lineout was won and after some good interplay Thomas Marley drew the full back to put in Barry Topping Morris for a team try which was converted by Morgan Hayward. The score then became 12-7 to Pentyrch.

Cefn kicked the ball straight out at the KO and Pentyrch were awarded a scrum. Pentyrch were now showing more control and were awarded another penalty which was successfully kicked to touch. The lineout was won and Pentyrch forwards marched towards the Cefn line building up the phases but the ball was mishandled and went out of play.


Half Time (Score 12-7 to Pentyrch)


Cefn kicked off the second half and Pentyrch ran the ball back and were awarded a penalty. Barry Topping Morris found a good touch finder on Cefn 22. Pentyrch won the lineout; the ball was run out wide but knocked on in contact. Two scrums followed after which both sides knocked the ball on. Play was getting a little scrappy but after another scrum won by Pentyrch the ball, was moved out to the blind side and Joe Paddison outpaced the defence and ran in a spectacular try from near his own 22. The conversion was unsuccessful. The score was then 17-7 to Pentyrch.

Cefn then restarted the game and after fielding the ball it was kicked out on the full resulting in a lineout to Cefn which was won by Pentyrch. Cefn were not giving up and after some strong pressure on the Pentyrch forwards won the ball back moving the ball in phases into the Pentyrch 22. Strong defence by Pentyrch resulted in them winning the ball back and running the ball from their own line but were called back for a forward pass. Cefn won the resulting scrum, exerted heavy pressure on the Pentyrch forwards and only very committed defence stopped them crossing the line. Cefn went through two more phases only to lose the ball near the line. Pentyrch won the resulting scrum and found touch just outside their 22. Cefn took a quick throw in causing the Pentyrch defence to give away a penalty which Cefn ran, going through three or four phases before themselves conceding a penalty for coming down on the wrong side of a ruck. The game was becoming a little frantic and Pentyrch calmed things down by kicking to touch near the Cefn 22. Pentyrch won the lineout and were awarded a penalty which was taken quickly only to be illegally impeded. At that point the Referee stopped play after some unseemly behaviour by both teams. The game restarted with Pentyrch winning the lineout which followed, lost the ball to illegal hands in the ruck and Cefn found a good touch on the half way line.

Pentyrch won the lineout and ran the ball to just inside the Cefn half and were awarded a penalty for a high tackle. Barry Topping Morris put in a good touch finder and from the lineout possession Pentyrch put increased pressure on Cefn resulting in a yellow card being shown to the Cefn no 21 for another illegal tackle. It was during these phases of play that Rhys Edwards showed up well in his unaccustomed positon the right wing. Pentyrch now being in the ascendancy chose to take a scrum but lost the ball in contact in mid field. Cefn slowly but effectively moved up the field but after releasing the ball to their backs were penalised for not releasing the ball after a tackle. Pentyrch took the penalty quickly after some deft movement of the ball Barry Topping Morris forced himself over the try line only to be penalised for a double movement. Cefn realising they had to make progress took the penalty quickly but after moving the ball out wide knocked it on. The scrum was won by Pentyrch and the ball moved to the left and Thomas Marley in the centre scored another good try. The conversion was unsuccessful. The score was then Score 22-7 to Pentyrch.

To be fair to Cefn they continued to keep at it and after kicking the ball through the Pentyrch defence after the kick off were camped on the Pentyrch line for some minutes. After some great defence Pentyrch won the ball and kicked the ball down field. Cefn ran the ball back but lost the ball in contact. Cefn won the resulting scrum but then they knocked the ball on. Pentyrch played the advantage and Nathan Williams sliced through the Cefn defence ably supported by Joe Paddison who gratefully accepted the final pass to score his second try. The conversion was successfully made by Barry Topping Morris. The score then became 29-7 to Pentyrch. Cefn kicked off and after the ball was cleared up field by Pentyrch they ran it back and were awarded a penalty which they took quickly resulting in try scored by Ross Sullivan. The conversion was not successful and the referee blew the final whistle.

The result was a very well deserved win for the Tyrchs by 29 points to 12. 


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